Starting a Fruit Juice Business From ScratchWhen you can’t think of a family business that you can start out of scratch, then you can try fruit juices. This business does not take a lot. You just need a high quality juicer, some fruits and cups, and then you’re good to go. You can find a lot of customers, since everyone loves healthy beverages. Besides, more people are becoming conscious now of their health. This means that your prospective buyers increase too.

What you need

With this business, you don’t even need your own place. You can just set up a small booth outside your house and a sign telling people you’re selling fruit juices. As soon as people come, the rest will be curious and will also give your product a try.

You also need to have the perfect juicer. This allows you to extract juices right to the end without wasting anything. You have to start to find the best juicers now. Better yet, you can check the best juicer to buy for commercial use. They are bigger and more expensive, but they are suitable for your business. Besides, these types of juicers are meant to last for a longer time.

Find suppliers for your fruits

Since you are still starting, you need to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of money. If possible, you have to find a fruit supplier that will sell to you fruits at a lower price. You can even travel to farms just to get fresh fruits at a lower cost. You also don’t have to offer a lot of fruits when you are starting. You can start with basic fruit juices that are popular. Once you have enough savings already, you can go for fancier options.

Low capital business

Since you can do this type of business at home, you no longer need to spend for rental expense. Furthermore, you can buy fruit juicers that are cheap so it does not really matter a lot. For fruits, you can look for cheap suppliers and start small. With a little over $400, you already have a business. When this continues to grow, then you can move on to bigger plans. You can start looking for a place when you can put up the business. You can head to malls or park and rent a space. You can also offer different gimmicks to make your potential customers more interested.

You also don’t need to hire staff when you are starting. Everyone in the family can help out in this business. In fact, one person is enough to stand at the shop. The rest can go around buying the supplies. The others can help dealing with the financial aspect of the business. If everyone in the family helps, it does not take long before this business expands.

When it does, then you can materialize all other plans you have in mind. Of course, you can hire staff to help you in your business. Again, you need to start from scratch up until the business grows.