Recently I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me that my clothes didn’t look fresh at all. I was astonished because I only recently bought them. So how could this have happened? She told me it could have something to do with the fabric softener I used and that I certainly had to check the water hardness. She had a similar problem and in her case it was due to the high water hardness.

I had never heard of this before but I checked on the internet and it seems it’s a widespread problem. Many people are complaining about stiff and hard clothes when they come out of the washer. Luckily there is a solution for this inconvenience: a water softener.

This can be in the form of a product that you add to the water or as a machine. The product can be a dry water softener additive or a washing soda. Both will soften your water and will certainly help you with the stiffness of your clothes and towels.

However if you want a long-term solution you’re better off with a machine that softens the water. This device softens the water where it comes into the house and is thus much better for your household appliances, skin and even clothes because they all come in touch with this same water. So where the water softening product only helps for your washing machine, a water softener will help every appliance in your house. In the long run this is the best solution as every appliance will benefit from it and it will really save costs. It will save costs because you don’t need to use softening products over and over again and because all your appliances will not get broken that easily anymore.

So I decided to give this a try. I checked the water hardness at home and it seems it was certainly one of the culprits. I had 210 parts per million which means I had very hard water. It was clear that I would really benefit from purchasing a water softener. I searched for the best water softener for my water consumption. I picked the Aquasana water softener as it wasn’t expensive if you compare it with some other brands and models.

Installing it at my home was something I couldn’t do alone. Therfore I contacted a handyman to install the water softener I ordered online. He told me it would be certainly enough for my water consumption and that I made a good choice in buying this one. He placed it in my garage, connected the pipes and a half day later it was already up and running.

The results were fantastic. My freshly washed clothes looked brand new and felt very soft. I did use a fabric softener so I was curious and tried to wash my clothes without a fabric softener. So what was the result then? My clothes were still very soft.

I checked the water hardness to compare it with what it was before using a water softener. It was only 40 parts per million which is considered very soft water. So the water softener has really done its job as it was supposed to.