raising-awareness-through-social-mediaMy experience in Africa being there for five years is definitely the best part of my life. I have never thought that Africa would be that amazing. It exceeded my entire expectations. If I could have stayed there longer, I would. I have traveled almost every country in the continent. Other than security reasons, I have no excuse for not heading into an African country.

Another reason why I felt it was a remarkable experience is because I was able to do my share in helping the locals. Even if I was there mainly for personal reasons, I saw the conditions of some locals who can barely meet their daily needs. I was touched the first time I saw them and I have decided to raise funds to at least extend my help to them.

One of the ways in which I sought for help is through social media. Every day, I post photos that I have taken while I was there. I made sure that I capture the reality in Africa. From the beautiful sceneries to the starving children, I have covered Africa in every step of the way. I immediately posted these photos via Instagram. Given the number of people who have seen the photos and my call to help the people, the fund raising endeavor became a massive success.

Managing my social media account

I did a lot of other things when I was in Africa. I also kept moving from one place to another. There were places where the internet signal is just weak. It was then that I decided to go for Instagram marketing service. This service helped me in managing my Instagram. I could no longer afford checking the account after posting the photos. I couldn’t even do anything to promote account so that more people can help in fund raising.

This service allowed me to easily manage everything. They helped look for people who could be interested in those photos and eventually make donations. They have also extended help by determining the best photos to be posted and gave me ideas on how to make the photos more appealing.

Big changes

In just a week, I have seen the number of followers surge. They are not fake accounts. I have even checked those accounts myself just to determine if they were really from real people. Those who followed me genuinely appreciate the photos I have taken. They have understood my goals and they were willing to help. In no time, there was a spike in the amount of donations that I have received. As a result, I was able to do projects to help the locals who are in desperate need of help.

I suggest you also do the same thing. There are a lot of people in the world who are suffering. People simply need to be aware of their suffering. Posting these photos humanize them and make the situation real. You may also raise funds for other causes in the future.