5 Growing Local Businesses for Entrepreneurs to Consider

If you are interested in operating a lucrative business that services your local area, you have many exciting options to consider. Look into the following:

Professional Organizer

This career choice is ideal for people who have an eye for detail and the ability to take charge of situations. You will need to know how to utilize space and the modern products to make it happen. Being a professional organizer requires extreme personal organization and the ability to transfer that knowledge to others in a way that they can understand. Being able to communicate with clients is essential.

You are likely to encounter hoarders along the way who may have difficulty parting with some of their belongings. A basic understanding of psychology could prove useful during these sessions. Alternatively, you could focus your organizational skills to help business clients.

Pest Control Company

Bugs, rodents and other pests are a problem in virtually every part of the country. Because of this, you may want to consider starting a pest control company. You may need to undergo some training regarding the best chemicals to use and other treatment protocol, but the requirements aren’t impossibly high. Check with your state and local government to see what type of licensing requirements are associated with this type of business. Of course you should also be okay with physical aspects of the job. For instance, you might need to climb into an attic to remove a bat.

You can choose between traditional and organic methods of pest control. Make sure that you advertise, including using the Internet, in order to maximize the number of potential clients you reach.

Carpet Cleaning

For a minimal equipment investment, you can start your own carpet cleaning company. Learn about the various types of fabrics and the best ways to handle all types of stains, particularly the ones more prevalent in your area. For instance, if your community has a great deal of clay, knowing how to effectively remove it from carpets is essential to operating a successful company.

You will need a work truck or van, and possibly one employee in the beginning. Consider offering specials for multiple rooms or contracts in order to entice new customers.

Catering Business

If you enjoy being in the kitchen, and others rave about your culinary skills, think about starting a catering business. These can be quite lucrative and will allow you to express your creativity in the kitchen. You can decide if you want to focus on pastries and desserts, or if you want a larger menu base.

Depending upon your experience in preparing meals for large crowds, you may want to focus your early work on a handful of dishes that you are more comfortable with making and serving. For instance, your main course choices could include one each of beef, fowl, fish and vegetarian. Consistently providing excellent dishes is how you will build the reputation of your company.

Personal Shopper

You may begin a career as a personal shopper, where someone pays you to do their shopping for them. Many wealthy people are disinterested in taking the time to go to stores, or even online, in order to buy many of the items they desire. These men and women happily pay a personal shopper to tend to these needs for them. You will need to listen well so that you learn exactly what each client needs.

Start your own business from home today, using one of these fantastic ideas.

6 Guerilla Marketing Ideas To Launch Your Product and Grow Sales

Hi there! So Lisa and I recently got into an argument about guerilla marketing techniques. If you haven’t heard, guerilla marketing is the same as marketing just with a small budget. So you essentially try to maximize every dollar you spend by being more creative and doing it yourself. Think: standing on the street in a funny costume yelling out your product name. That sort of thing. I’m the creative one so I quickly enjoy the thought of this tactic but Lisa thinks it is useless because there is no way to measure the upside. So instead of just sitting around arguing we started to brainstorm ideas and these were the 6 best, and the ones that we have confidence we can pull off. All for less than a few $100.

1) Reverse Graffiti With a Power Washer

We’ve recently seen tons of popular pressure washing photos make the rounds on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Buzzfeed. By far the most popular ones are the reverse graffiti ones. Reverse graffiti is done with a small electric pressure cleaner and stencil. You place the stencil on the ground and use the pressure washer to clean the area of the stencil so that when you remove the stencil you have drawn something on the surface. It is called reverse graffiti because you have cleaned the surface instead of defaced it like you would have with spraypaint. So the idea is you promote your product by drawing your brand name and website on the concrete in a popular area. Then take a photo of it and share it online. That’s it.

2) Be Newsworthy By Creating Controversy

Controversy makes the news. But we’re not talking about bad press, we’re talking about having an unpopular opinion. An example for us in the world of fashion would be to take a current news topic like maybe something to do with politics or environmental pollution or green energy – something that the masses know about – and make a t-shirt that says something about it.

3) Throw an Event or Party at a Busy Park

We love this idea because you are associating your brand with an atmosphere everyone loves – the park. In our area at least there are parks that have barbeques that anyone can use anytime. So our idea was to head to the park with a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers and set up a little booth that gives away free burgers and stuff during peak park hours. Set Up a bunch of signs of your brand and your brand’s Facebook and encourage people to share where they are on their Facebook to their friends. This is guaranteed to create some buzz around your Facebook page.

4) Go To a Busy Street and Sell The Old Fashioned Way

There’s this guy in New York that sits on the street corner every day and sells a peeler for $5. He makes $350 a day and has been for many many years. How does he do it? He is entertaining. Here is a video of him doing it. So for your product go and set up a booth and create a script that you can talk to while there. You’ll need to be entertaining. But for the most part just talk to people about your product and how it will make their life better and then ask them to buy.

5) Be Sure To Take Advantage of YouTube

Youtube is the third most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook. Ignoring it would be a huge mistake. These days you can make videos on your phone so easily there is really no excuse. Just make a clever video and upload it then promote what you uploaded. Also take video of you doing the above marketing ideas and then upload that. Remember you want to make the news and the easiest way is to show the news that people are already interested in you. A video is probably the easy way to do that.

6) Collaborate With People That Are Already Internet Famous

Internet famous just means has a following. Talk to other bloggers in your area with some Twitter followers and a blog following. Then help them do stuff. Write a guest post for their blog. Create an infographic for their website. That sort of thing. Everyone loves to be helped. Do that and they will write about you and share it with their following.

A New Sport For Us!

With summer both Alicia and I (Lisa) are naturally shifting a little bit more into recreation and play rather than bearing down and working hard. Not coincidentally we’ve both also developed an interest in stand up paddleboarding and are currently researching the best stand up paddleboards after having rented boards previously. There’s actually quite a lot to buy when you consider all the safety gear and even clothing. Here are a few of the things you need in addition to the board and paddle:

  • Tether – to keep the board from floating away if you fall off.
  • PFD (personal floatation device) which is the same thing as a life jacket – in most places it is illegal to use a board without a life jacket.
  • Knife – a good fixed blade knife is useful in the event that you need to cut your tether and for all kinds of tasks if you are on an extended paddling trip. Possible knife choices are a good hunting knife or survival knife or maybe even a diving knife.
  • Wet suit or dry suit – depending on where you are going paddling and at what time of year one of these could be essential.

Alicia is really more into the beach fashion side of things and wants to somehow combine her fashion sense with her desire to get out on the water while, right now, I’m more concerned with being safe and prepared and making the experience as trouble-free as possible.

For those of our readers who don’t know much about paddleboarding I’ll give a basic overview from a new convert’s point of view! Paddleboarding has been around for thousands of years as a way to get around and also as a way to fish, but it is only recently that it has gained popularity as a recreation and sport. In fact, it has only been in the last ten years that it has really caught on. Right now, in 2015, it is still gaining in popularity and has arrived at the point where it has become commonplace enough that it is no longer a strange new thing. Paddleboards are a little different from surfboards which they are at first glance quite similar to. There are, however, surf board/paddleboard hybrids that are great for catching waves and paddling out to catch waves. A perfect hybrid has yet to be designed and likely never will be though. There are inevitably compromises to be made. You can’t design the best surfboard and also expect it to be the best paddleboard. Paddleboarding is also quite easy to pick up; you can get around half-decently after just an afternoon’s practice. Surfing, on the other hand, takes weeks or months to start to get any results.

Paddleboarding, too, is touted as a very enjoyable way to get in shape and stay in shape. I can attest to that. You do get a workout but you hardly notice that you are breathing hard or sweating since you are having so much fun. Give it a try!

How E-Commerce Changed the Fashion Industry

The internet and modern technology has altered several aspects of modern people’s lives. One example of that is the advent of e-commerce websites. It has changed the way people do their shopping nowadays. Indeed, fashion brands have turned to e-commerce websites to make shopping easier and more convenient for their audience. It used to be that top luxury fashion houses insisted on maintaining a brick and mortar presence, but these brands are finally coming to realize that online is the way to go.

Smaller fashion brands have definitely found an equal playing field with luxury brands on the internet. The advent of e-commerce websites through the help of Broadconnect.com business VOIP services, it is possible to run and operate a business using online tools.

Experts agree that fashion brands that have gone mobile and online were showing faster signs of progress as compared to those brands that refused to join the online bandwagon. However, things are about to change a big names like Chanel, Fendi and Dior are launching their e-commerce platforms. Smaller businesses are also utilizing the power of the internet and leveraging it to provide a fluid shopping experience for customers.

Advent of Mobile Apps

Aside from using e-commerce platforms, several fashion brands have also tapped into the power of apps or mobile applications in modern shopping experience. The major reason behind this is that fashion buyers are seeking out content generated by other users. They will be using this content to assess their options before making their own purchase. This is fairly common in social media wherein users share their opinion on various products, especially in the field of fashion.

In addition to social media, there are also apps that are designed to make it easier to do comparison shopping for consumers. Hence, there are several social media websites that serve as buying and selling platform. Fashion brand or business owners can manipulate the addiction factor that goes with social media and other e-commerce platforms to get higher conversions.

Shopper’s Experience

When designing or launching an e-commerce platform, it is vital to consider the technical aspect. You need to have a reliable network service so the journey from the mobile apps to the main website goes smoothly. The fact that majority of the modern people these days browse the web through their smartphones. Hence, most of them also do their shopping on their phones.

Customers are not patient when it comes to online shopping. They want fast and seamless service – this is the main characteristic of online shoppers. Fashion businesses, therefore, need to keep up with the demand. Whether it is through social media integration, mobile apps and other forms of e-commerce, if small businesses can leverage it properly then you have the potential to tap into an audience you haven’t tapped to before.

Running a fashion e-commerce website is both challenging and exciting. With bigger rewards and a higher possibility of reaching out to more customers, putting together a reliable e-commerce platform is a must. With Broadconnect.com, you can ensure that your business runs on a 24/7 basis so you can make shopping easier and more convenient for your customers.

How to Teach Your Puppy to Wear Clothes

There is no question that the one pet we consider to be closest to us is the dog. Some people are cat lovers and others also have more exotic taste with their pet choices, but dogs in general have always proven to be the animals that love to be around us the most. To some people they are fully integrated members of their family who even sleep on the same bed with their owners. This means they will probably also want to dress their dogs with nice clothing so they can look great. The problem is that some dogs might find this to be annoying and they will tear off their clothes or at least attempt to get rid of them by chewing on them.

In this article we are going to give you some essential and very useful tips that will allow you to teach your dog to wear clothes.

Start as young as possible

The younger your puppy is, the more chances that you will succeed in training them to wear clothes without too much trouble.  You could start putting on clothes as soon as your dog is able to start moving around on all four legs without stumbling too much. It’s a good idea to let them learn their balance naturally first. Once that happens, you can start to teach the puppy how to wear clothes.

Little steps

First show the clothing item to your dog. Allow for the dog to sniff the clothes, but do not let them try to grab it with their paws or their mouths. They should know from the beginning that this is not something that they are meant to play with. The second thing you should do is put the clothing item on the dogs back for a couple of minutes. The third thing to do is put the clothing item on your dog and see how they react. You should try to play with you dog at this point so they will stop focusing on the clothes, this will make wearing the clothes a lot easier for them.

Reward your pooch

When your puppy looks comfortable with the clothing on him, you can give the animal a treat, but if you see them trying to take the clothes off, do not give them treats. You should start with ten minutes one day, then 15 the next and you could increment the time day by day. Always remember to give the dog a treat because they will learn to associate clothing with rewards and fun. This is a great way to ensure that soon enough they won’t care about it.

Make sure they are comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying dog clothes, is to buy them too tight or too loose. If the clothes are too tight, they might hurt the dog and you would be forcing your pet to enjoy something that is not comfortable at all, which would be a terrible thing to do. If the clothes are too loose, the dog could trip on them and that would make the problem even more serious.


Dogs are animals that can be easily trained to do all sorts of things. Wearing clothes can be a great comfort to dogs during the winter and that is the main reason why some people put clothes on their pets. If you are in the peak of summer, you might want to be careful not to cover your pet with clothes that will make them feel hotter during those sunny days.

Myths About Breast Implants

A few weeks ago, I was telling my sister Lisa that I was considering getting breast implants. I thought they’d be a nice addition to my physical appearance. However, Alicia had a lot of concerns about actually going through with the procedure. So, being who I am, I went ahead and did some research, and compiled it into one article which will basically talk about the popular myths related to breast implants.

All over from many people, you’ll find there is a lot of myths about breast augmentation. There is also quite a bit of fears associated with the possible outcomes of the surgical procedure, which is expected. But many of the myths below you’ll find are completely untrue when you do your research and consult with the right professionals.

Myth 1: Everyone will know I have implants
Some believe that everyone will notice that implants are fitted on their chest. A professionally done implant process gives the patient an original appeal where no one will ever realized there are implants, unless told. To achieve a natural result, it is important to go for the most experienced surgeon. Each area has a society of plastic surgeons, and its highly recommended that you ensure the surgeon is apart of one of those associations.

Myth 2: They have to be removed eventually
The truth is that that implants don’t need to be replaced unless a problem occur such as a leakage. If a leak does occur, you’ll need to see your doctor. However, most implants last for even 20 years or longer.

Myth 3: I’ll need to change my lifestyle
Some people think they will be forced to change their lifestyle. You’ll only require a few days to rest after the surgery for the incision to heal properly. However, when the incision heals, you’ll be able to carry on with life as normal without worrying about your breast.

Myth 4:They won’t feel very natural
Not all breast implants feel unnatural, especially if you go with silicone gel implants. These types of implants are actually very natural feeling. There are also other factors that come into play to make the implants feel much more natural such as surrounding tissue, and the way that the implant is inserted. However, if you get the surgery done by an accredited surgeon which is recognized by your local society of plastic surgeons, you can rest assured that your procedure will be done correctly.

Myth 5: I won’t be able to breastfeed
This was probably the most common myth I’ve heard about breast implants. Because of the way they are inserted into the chest, they don’t interfere with breast feeding abilities so it’s perfectly possible for a mother to feed her children after getting undergoing breast augmentation.

Myth 5: It’ll look awesome right away
Last but not least, and also unfortunately, you won’t look awesome right away. After the surgery, there’ll be bruising, and swelling. So it’ll be some time before you look your complete best.

So as you can see, there are quite a few myths in regards to the breast implants procedure which we’ve debunked. But ultimately, if you ever go through with a procedure, make sure you go with an accredited surgeon. Check the links below for Canadian and American society of plastic surgeons.

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Can Essential oils and Aromatherapy really improve your Life?

Hi everyone.

Today’s topic is on oils and aromatherapy. Maybe you’re familiar with the topic already, maybe not. I knew very little about aromatherapy just a couple months ago. But after some experimentation I must say i’ve growth to like what essential oils have to offer.

I even got my sister Lisa involved in my experiments, which says something!

Overall I think I’ve found something I like. I’m not sure that aromatherapy is all that some people claim it to be, but it’s at least soothing to have some great smells in my living and works spaces. And it’s also good fun finding new essential oils to play with.

So why choose Aromatherapy?

Good question.

For one, I love trying out new things. Especially something that’s meant to improve my wellbeing! And aromatherapy promises just that.

You can infuse your living spaces with the scents of essential oils for a variety of reasons – from calming down your nerves to exciting your senses. Even to keep pesky bugs from taking up residence in your room!

What I’m getting out of Aromatherapy

Now, first of all, there are actually hundreds – if not thousands – of uses for essential oils. They’re not simply for diffusing into your room.

But I haven’t really got into playing around with that yet, though I do want to.

So I can’t say much about their their therapeutic beyond how I’ve started using them in my little diffuser. Which has been great fun.

After doing a little research online I bought certain essential oils that might help promote certain moods. I’ve tried out quite a few and made some fun mixtures for my diffuser. So far my favorite two oils to work with are eucalyptus (for general wakefulness) and chamomile (for relaxation).

What’s super fun is tailoring a scent to my mood. I love having fragrant smells filling my nose and mind while I’m going through my morning routine and prepping for a big day. It makes choosing an outfit that much more exciting when I hop out of the shower to find my bedroom brimming with tantalizing smells.

I’ve even been keeping the smelly-fun going throughout the day. I had an interview with a client the other day and wore a little bit of lemon essential oil on my clothes. The client commented on the scent and said what a great smell it was – and that it made me seem more professional! Now, maybe they were just trying to flatter me. But either way, I’m going to keep wearing essential oils on my clothes!

Sounds pretty fun, huh?

Part of the fun is how you can toy around endlessly with aromatherapy. After writing that last paragraph I decided to Googled more about wearing essential oils as a perfume-like fragrance throughout the day. I found out that there are certain oils to wear for different occasions. It turns out that lemon essential oil is a good one to wear for an interview-like situation. Where certain oils – like ylang ylang – are not recommended (unprofessional, I guess).

I suppose I’ll close out this post now before I get too far into some tangents. I hope this post has been interesting – maybe even inspiring for you. I know that I’m going to keep my aromatherapy adventures going for awhile. I’ll probably pick up a second essential oil diffuser here soon as well, so I can stop having to transport mine from home to work all the time!

Reasons for Shaking Things Up at Times

There are a lot of people who want to be very organized. They hate it when things don’t go as planned. They follow a daily schedule and they know what to do and where to go at an exact time during the day. They are effective in doing their job and they can really come up with great ideas whenever needed. These people seem to have perfect control of everything and they must be very happy. If you ask them if they really are, you might be surprised of their answers.

There is nothing wrong with being extremely organized or being someone who wants total control. However, it also helps that you try to shake things up at times. You will realize that it feels better when you can just live a day without thinking about what you have to do first and what you need to do next. It is great to know that there are mysteries and surprises waiting for you since you have planned everything out. This makes you feel more human and alive. Yes, this is not how you roll and you can’t wrap your head around this idea. However, you just have to give it a try and you will feel great.

Go out and have fun

Spend a day where you just get whatever clothes you have left in the closet and walk away without any plans at all. Take time to appreciate whatever it is that you can find around you. Be grateful that you have the chance to enjoy them. Visit places that you have never visited before even if they are just nearby. You can visit some old friends or just sit on a park without worrying about the time or whatever it is that you left behind because you are not following your schedule. This will make you feel rebellious, but more alive.

Try something new

To spruce things up even further, you can go ahead and try things you have never tried before. For instance, you can go for archery. You don’t have to be a professional archer. You can just do this for fun. You can start now. Next time, when you are free or you feel so tensed in the office, you can go out and release negative energy via archery. For now, if this is something you wanted to try, you can go ahead and buy the best crossbow from this site. You can also read about the best Parker crossbows here if you want to make sure that you are getting the right equipment.

Yes, it might seem like archery is too fancy as a pastime. However, it is worth it. Even if you spend a lot for the equipment, you can use it for a long time. Who knows? You might really have the skills to be a professional archer. For now, you can just give this a try. You can now safely say that you have shaken things up and tried something you have never tried before.

Staying Sane as Business gets Busier!

Hey folks, Alicia here!

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking this week with various friends about how we manage to fit enough positivity into our lives these days, as we get busier and busier.

Quite a conversation – and one that probably brought up more questions than it did answers! But there were a few things. Our business has been doing well recently, which of course is what anyone wants when they start a business, but it means you have to make a more deliberate effort to take care of yourself, and make sure you are giving yourself all the important care that you need to look after your body, mind and soul.

When I discuss self-help issues with my friends, time and time again problems have arisen because we have neglected to look after ourselves as we lose our free time. So because I believe prevention is easier than cure – here are my quick tips for keeping yourself steady and centred in this busy, busy world!

1. Stay Active

These days the notion of ‘exercise’ seems to have been relegated to ‘health freaks’ or marathon runners – those superhuman people that it seems impossible to even try and emulate. But the truth is that is doesn’t need to be like this. Basic exercise is something that out bodies are designed for, and they crave it. I know it can be hugely difficult to make time for the gym after a hard working day, so my advice is to build it around your day. Perhaps cycle or walk to work. Go swimming on your lunch hour. Take advantage of gaps within your schedule during your working day. Or if this isn’t possible, then try to do something at home (saving time on that extra gym travel). If you can afford it, buy a treadmill or elliptical machine, or even a quick run around the neighbourhood, followed by some crunches or push-ups. Exercise releases endorphins, and regulates emotions. It’s good for your body, but it’s great for your mind!

2. Spend Time with Others

And I am not talking about the internet here! I mean, really, actually, spend time with friends and family, in real life (remember that!?). Over the last century, the way we live our lives has changed dramatically, and even more so in the last 10 years. It’s possible now to live your whole life without leaving your home, talking to people online and having meals and shopping all delivered straight to your door. This is not how humans evolved to live, and it is not good for your mind and soul. We are a social species, and spending time with others will bring you comfort, joy, good times and a feeling of connectedness in the world.

3. Find Nature

I have deliberately written ‘Find Nature’ instead of ‘Go Outside’ because these days, they are two different things entirely. Yes it’s nice to leave the house, but if you live in the city, then it’s even nicer to leave the city. There is something truly wonderful and relaxing about wide open spaces, forests, rivers, silence, clean air. It’s like taking your soul to a spa for a few hours (or a weekend, or a few weeks!). We all need a break from city life once in a while – it’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Well, that’s my top 3 tips. Make time for these, and you will stay happier for longer!

Love, Alicia

Try to Fix Kitchen Problems without Seeking for Help

When there are issues faced at home or in your business, you might call for help right away. Once the problem is fixed, you will realize that it was not that difficult to solve at all. Thus, unless it is really urgent, you don’t need to find someone else to do it in your behalf. Try to solve the problem on your own and it can be very rewarding in the end. For instance, if you face a problem in the kitchen, the first thing to do is to check it out and see if you can handle it or not.

Observe the problem

The first thing to do is to look at the problem and see if there is anything that can be done to fix it right away. If none, then you must at least have a temporary solution while you are figuring things out. Clogged sinks for instance might be a very common problem. You just have to check if something got stuck and if you can pull it out without damaging anything. Sometimes, these problems can be solved by common sense.

Look for reference

If you think you cannot handle it on your own, then look up for some information online. There are tons of experts in kitchen repair and design who might give you the kind of help you deserve. You just have to check out what they have written. It would even be better if they have online tutorial. It will make things easier for you. There are also some forums about kitchen related stuff. You can read some conversations among ordinary people who have faced real problems. You can learn a lot from them.

Get the necessary tools

If the problem needs tools to be solved, you just have to get whatever it is that you need. If you have a tool box at home that comes in handy, then use it. For instance, if you face plumbing issues, then you can use those tools. If something was broken and it can still be put together, then use the tools as well. As long as you are ready with the right tools, you can deal with those problems.

It’s time for help

In the end, after you have resorted to all possible solutions and nothing happens, you might just call for an expert. They will provide you with immediate help. However, you have to remember that they come with a price. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to do this. If the problem is really serious and it can just get worse if you don’t seek for help, then the payment will surely be worth it.

Buying new stuff

If you are faced with problems such as replacing old faucets, then you definitely don’t need any help. You can just check out some of the best kitchen faucets in this site. You might also want to read more about the best pull out kitchen faucet at http://www.kitchenfaucetkid.com/best-pull-out-kitchen-faucet-reviews/. Once you get the best ideas, you can buy these items right away.