Recently, my sister and I started a new business venture as a bit of a side thing. It was an idea we have had for a few years and we decided to give it a try after much deliberation. We knew it would be a long term thing and not something that was going to be successful overnight by any means. It’s in an emerging market that we know in and out, so we were highly confident that we knew where the industry was heading and could capitalize on it and be successful by being a part of it.

Fast forward about a year and we were seeing some modest success, yet it still wasn’t doing what we felt it really had the potential to do. We knew a big aspect of what we were missing from the business was the web traffic that we knew was there, but we seemed to be having a hard time generating. To get an understanding of what we needed to improve on, we got in contact with Jared Lee, is a friend of ours and a internet marketing wiz of sorts. He runs Vibranium SEO and started out doing SEO in Springfield, MO, but has now expanded to doing business all over the world.

He was able to see a lot of holes we were missing. He suggested some simple changes that we could make to what we were doing to see some positive returns and see them fairly quickly. This included things like doing some better search engine optimization to the site and some other things that Jared was able to do. But the thing that really changed the business and what helped us double our business in a year was something I didn’t know was as powerful as it is. That thing was Facebook advertising.

I had heard of some people having success with it, but we had tried it a little before and never had much luck with it. Jared showed us some neat strategies and was able to basically help our business explode within a few months. The reason it’s so powerful is because Facebook ads allow you to advertise to highly targeted groups of people based on their interests. If you know the interests of the people that you want to target with your business, then you can really see some returns on it.

Not only does Facebook advertising work extremely well, but it’s extremely cost effective. There isn’t much out there that gives you a better return on your investment. To give you an idea of how well it works, here is a glimpse of how it helped our business. In the first few months, we spent about $200 on ads, but saw sales of around $5,000 directly from it. That’s an ROI of almost 2500%! You’re aren’t going to find many advertising platforms (if any) that give you that kind of return. We saw such a great return from the investment that we did a little profit sharing with Jared because we felt so bad that we had spent so little to get so much more success than we had.

Since then, we have continued to grow the business and it’s doing very well today. By utilizing Facebook ads, we were able to double our business in a little less than a year. I don’t have enough time to explain how best to use Facebook, but just know that there is great opportunity out there by using it. Either play around with it to see how well it works or reach out to someone like Jared who is an expert in how to use it and see how well it works for you.