There is no question that the one pet we consider to be closest to us is the dog. Some people are cat lovers and others also have more exotic taste with their pet choices, but dogs in general have always proven to be the animals that love to be around us the most. To some people they are fully integrated members of their family who even sleep on the same bed with their owners. This means they will probably also want to dress their dogs with nice clothing so they can look great. The problem is that some dogs might find this to be annoying and they will tear off their clothes or at least attempt to get rid of them by chewing on them.

In this article we are going to give you some essential and very useful tips that will allow you to teach your dog to wear clothes.

Start as young as possible

The younger your puppy is, the more chances that you will succeed in training them to wear clothes without too much trouble.  You could start putting on clothes as soon as your dog is able to start moving around on all four legs without stumbling too much. It’s a good idea to let them learn their balance naturally first. Once that happens, you can start to teach the puppy how to wear clothes.

Little steps

First show the clothing item to your dog. Allow for the dog to sniff the clothes, but do not let them try to grab it with their paws or their mouths. They should know from the beginning that this is not something that they are meant to play with. The second thing you should do is put the clothing item on the dogs back for a couple of minutes. The third thing to do is put the clothing item on your dog and see how they react. You should try to play with you dog at this point so they will stop focusing on the clothes, this will make wearing the clothes a lot easier for them.

Reward your pooch

When your puppy looks comfortable with the clothing on him, you can give the animal a treat, but if you see them trying to take the clothes off, do not give them treats. You should start with ten minutes one day, then 15 the next and you could increment the time day by day. Always remember to give the dog a treat because they will learn to associate clothing with rewards and fun. This is a great way to ensure that soon enough they won’t care about it.

Make sure they are comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying dog clothes, is to buy them too tight or too loose. If the clothes are too tight, they might hurt the dog and you would be forcing your pet to enjoy something that is not comfortable at all, which would be a terrible thing to do. If the clothes are too loose, the dog could trip on them and that would make the problem even more serious.


Dogs are animals that can be easily trained to do all sorts of things. Wearing clothes can be a great comfort to dogs during the winter and that is the main reason why some people put clothes on their pets. If you are in the peak of summer, you might want to be careful not to cover your pet with clothes that will make them feel hotter during those sunny days.