We absolutely love our readers’ feedback on our blog! You are the reason we keep writing, sometimes even if it’s only stream of consciousness rambles! We are so humbled by all the support and time it takes you guys to comment on our posts and suggest us new things we should try or write about.  If you’ve been following along, Alicia put out a call out to everyone asking them what their favorite way of getting trim. She’s tired of having to buy new fashionable clothing and she’s challenging herself to an 8-week (brand new) fitness routine to fit back into her old jeans.  She going to blog about it along the way.  I know that will be interesting because she’s definitely about to have some trials and tribulations, for sure!

After combing through an extensive list of your suggestions, one that kept coming up a lot was spin bike routines and spin bike classes.  We had no idea that our readers were so loyal to their great spinning bikes and classes and honestly it is something that neither one of us had ever tried before, but ya’ll seem so passionate! As of next week, Alicia will be touring the different gyms/spin bike facilities around our area (there are actually 6 the she found on BikeCompanion.com, who would have known?) to ask the questions that were suggested by our readers to know where the best place to train and practice is.  Once she gleans all her answers, her routine will most likely begin as well as her in-depth blogging diary – so be ready for that!

Our readers suggested 3 main things to ask at each facility before she signs up, so that she knows she is going to the best place possible:

  1. How long are the classes and do they involve any off-bike workouts? Readers suggested that a spin class should be no longer than an hour, to adequately work all the muscles, but not overwork them. Additionally, lots of readers raved over hybrid workouts of 40-45 minute spin, 15-20 minute weight training.
  2. What brand of spin bikes do you have available for use? The top three spin bikes our readers seem to love are Kinomi, LifeFit Spin and Cycle Climb X. Alicia is hoping one of the gyms have one of these brands.
  3. How many spin classes are offered per day? Our readers were very wise and stated that life happens and that in order for you to get your work out in everyday, your gym needs to be dedicated to spin classes. Although you should aspire for a certain time to be your time to work out, it doesn’t always pan out. Make sure wherever you sign up offers at least 5-6 different spin class times per day.

Now that Alicia has the right questions to ask, she’s about to get started on her research.  Keep checking back here to look at Alicia’s upcoming 8-week journey, as she forays into spin bike workouts.  See how her body and mind respond to this brand new exercise! And again, one last thank you to every single person who took the time to mention spin biking and write us a sincerely written reason as to why Alicia should try it!