You might have heard a lot about how kids in Africa suffer from hunger and thirst. Due to the lack of resources as well as rampant corruption in the government, the services needed by the people don’t reach them. We barely hear anything about dental care though. The truth is that there are a lot of kids in the region suffering from dental problems. The reason why this is not given attention is because having sparkling teeth is the least of their concerns. They think about having anything to eat. They also think about other more serious illnesses.

Dental care is essential for a healthy and happy living. This is why even if it is not highlighted; non-government organizations and foreign aids must also be allocated for dental care. Being in Africa for 5 years, I have witnessed lots of children suffering because they have recurring toothache. Yes, there are also serious illnesses in the region, but teeth related problems affect people even more. It makes more children cry each day, and are unable to live their lives the way they should.

Quality of food

One of the reasons why there are a lot of dental issues in the region is because of the quality of food intake. Most of the times, they are not given the right kind of food to eat. They eat whatever is available, whether it is considered healthy or not. Our teeth are affected by what we eat. There are foods that leave stains causing cavities and discoloration over time. However, considering that most of the kids live in poverty and have barely anything to eat, they will take whatever is given to them.

More medical missions

The region definitely needs more medical missions. Dentists should be sent to different African countries to look after those kids who have dental issues. In fact, there should be doctors who actually stay in certain areas with available medical supplies and equipment to provide free dental care. You may also read about spacers for teeth and other dental procedures that kids in the region need. Some of these issues are universal of course, but there are people who are lucky enough that they can afford undergoing those procedures. Most kids living in poverty in Africa cannot.

See it for yourself

You might be overwhelmed by the idea that a lot of people are living in extreme poverty in Africa. You even try to ignore those issues anymore since you think there are a lot of people willing to help anyway. The truth is that there are more things that needed to be done. HIV/AIDS epidemic has somehow been controlled. Other serious problems like Ebola have also been addressed. If these major problems have been given the necessary attention, it would be great if there is also enough attention given to dental care. This is a recurring issue, but since it looks minor, there is no enough aid that goes into it.