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Wearing the right clothes is just as important as having the right figure

I know people will say it’s not true but the fact is that your appearance is very important in our society. If you wear the right clothes people will accept you faster in their group. However it is not only clothes that are important but also your figure and how you look. It’s the total package that counts and if people don’t like it you’ll make a bad impression from the start which is difficult to get rid of. Many HR experts know about the primacy effect which is based on the first impression upon seeing a new candidate for a certain position. However, they are also guilty for having a bias for people who are good looking and well dressed. No one is really objective.

What does my appearance tell about myself

It tells a lot about yourself. First of all caring about your looks means you care about details. If you don’t care about your looks it means there are also other things you neglect. At least, that’s the opinion of most HR professionals.

Let’s say you have 2 candidates for the same opening. Both are equally qualified and have the same work experience, but one of them looks better than the other, smells better, talks smoother and so on. I think the choice is easy. This proofs that having the right figure and wearing the right clothes can help you in certain situations.

Finding the right clothes

By finding the right clothes, we don’t mean the appropriate clothes for a specific event but the clothes that really make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to find clothes that really fit you it’s advised to get some advice from other people. You can ask a tailor or a stylist for some professional advice or you could ask a friend his or her opinion when shopping for new clothes.

Be careful about what you eat

I think this speaks for itself. It’s often said that you are what you eat and this is totally true. Greasy hair, skin problems, overweight and many other health problems can be attributed to our daily consumption of unhealthy foods. Thus, the message is: be conscious about what you eat. Think about if it’s good for you or not before eating it. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat any of your favourite foods anymore but make sure you also eat healthy when possible.

Why running is good for you

Of course, eating is just one aspect you also have to exercise to stay in shape. If you’re not in shape anymore and want to get back in shape then you should start working out. Also, here we don’t advise to overdo it but start with something simple and do it regularly. Working out regularly is much more important than doing a heavy workout. Consistency is key to get results.

The most effective and popular sport is running. Why? Everyone can do it and it’s free. The only thing you need is some pair of running shoes that are ideal for starters. Once you have your shoes you’re ready to start running.

I hope you enjoyed the advice in this article.

Sister Stuff & Entrepreneurship

you go girl

Hey guys and gals.

This is our brand new blog about sisterhood, entrepreneurship, and pretty much whatever we feel like talking about. We’re a pair of sisters who’re super close, but unlike most sisters we also work together, so this will be our judgment free blog/confession space/mediation zone where everything and anything is up for discussion. For obvious reasons we won’t go into specifics about what our business is – we don’t want all our customers and suppliers and stuff to know everything that goes on behind the scenes =p. Our goal with this blog is to use it as a private (but actually public) place where we’ll hash out all of the challenges we face dealing with business, family drama, and, well, dealing with each other.

You might be thinking “why would they want to air all their dirty laundry out for the entire internet to see?” – and honestly, we don’t really want to do that. We talked about it for the longest time before we decided to put up this blog. In the end, we thought that it was a pretty cool idea- mainly because as far as we saw, there weren’t any other similar blogs or websites on the web that deal with siblings/family members/really close friends being in business together and the fights, arguments, and general silly drama that often happens in these situations. Our hope is that this blog eventually develops into such a resource – and that by keeping it open and brutally honest, we can attract readers who’re maybe in similar circumstances as we’re in. I guess what we’re trying to say is, maybe other people will be able to learn something by seeing/reading our dirty laundry!

So, a little about the two of us. You can probably guess our names based on our site name, so we won’t go over that again. We’re 5 years apart, and one of us is a relatively new mom and the other is single. We’re pretty different personality wise (this seems to be really common for sisters) – one of us is really outgoing, pretty creative, and always late to everything. The other one is kind of more reliable, more of a straightforward thinker rather than a creative mind, and, well, has more responsibilities in general. Think Emily Deschanel in Bones and Zooey in New Girl. That’s the kind of dynamic between us, just not that extreme (it is TV after all).

We’re basically in the fashion business in some capacity, and we won’t give out too many details about that – but basically, don’t be surprised if we blog about the fashion industry as that’s one of our common interests (although our tastes are COMPLETELY different). We’re not designers or anything glam like that, and we’re not famous or anything, so don’t bother trying to pry =p.

Anyways, look out for either one of us to write about pretty much anything that we want to – but in general you can probably expect a lot of stuff about fashion, self help  personal development stuff (one of us is really into it – guess which one), business and entrepreneurship,  and family drama. We also both love coffee, so you might also come across the occasional random picture of a cup of coffee with no explanation =p.