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Make Money through Online Surveys After Spending Everything You Have Traveling the World

make-money-through-online-surveys-after-spending-everything-you-have-traveling-the-worldDeciding to leave everything that you have to see the world is such a great risk. You have to leave your job, rely on your savings and be away from the people you love. You only live once and this is something that is definitely worth taking the risk on. I have done the same thing when I decided to leave home and live in Africa for a few years.

Experiencing the world and seeing things you have never seen before is such an amazing experience. If I would be asked to do the same thing over again, I would. The reality simply kicked in when I went back home and I have realized that I pretty much have nothing left to go on with my life. This was when I realized that I have to start making money again.

Applying for a job when you have taken a long pause could be such a huge challenge. During the time that you were gone, a lot of other people could have taken over the job. They are younger and are more committed to the job.

With my frustration, I tried exploring other options. Then, I stumbled upon this job where I have to try Surveys for Cash. I thought it was just a joke. I have heard about this many times before. I didn’t take any of those things seriously because I knew it was totally impossible.

With hard work, you can make money

The truth is that even if you don’t necessarily get thousands of dollars in a month, it is still possible to earn a few bucks. You just have to be consistent in responding to these surveys. You also have to provide honest answers and a better perspective for the company that has hired you. There are survey respondents who don’t take the job seriously. They just answer the questions without reading them. The companies will know if you are just faking your response. This could hurt your chances of being given the chance to answer surveys in the future.

On the other hand, if you work really hard and you have proven that you can provide a good response that could be of help to the company, you will be paid well and you may also get more tasks in the future. They will even give you other survey jobs that pay better.

Starting over again

This is just the stepping stone to make more money while you are still gathering your life together. You can keep doing it in the future though especially if you have a good reputation in answering those survey questions. It takes time to finally get your life back, but you can do it if you work really hard. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t make more trips in the future anymore. As long as you live, you have to keep exploring the world. It is too big and it is just waiting for you.

Considerations For Starting A New Family Business

As you know we love running what has become a successful family business. We wanted to share some tips with you that we have learned along the way. If you are interested in starting a new family business you may have noticed that there are a lot of considerations that you need to think about. However, you may be thinking which aspects of starting a business are more important than the others and which ones should you spend more time on then the rest? You can only complete so many things in a day.

First things first, it is beneficial for any family business to have a nice functional website that gets the business’s point across quickly and easily without the end user having to work to figure it out. For anyone that is looking to start a new family business I always recommend starting here and spending most of your time to get this set up and working. Your website will represent your brand and often be the first impression since it will help you figure out exactly what your business is, what it will be, and what you want it to be in the short term and long term. Once you have succeeded in making a good, well organized, and optimized website, you will then need to start shifting gears and focusing on setting up some contracts for your customers.

Once you start focusing on contracts, I always recommend investing some time and resources into making a “good” contract. Now, what do I mean by good? By good I am referring to a contract that will attract new customers over time and leave them wanting more so that they keep coming back. It will also clearly define the roles of your business to establish expectations for the customers in a clear-cut fashion. It will also help to resolve future issues such as customers not paying for invoices. If you are having issues with this process I usually recommend asking for assistance from a commercial collection agency like The Collection Law Group that has experience in writing these agreements because as they say, good fences make good neighbors.

Now that you have created both a working website, figured out a game plan, and set up a contract you are ready to get started. It is now time to figure out how you plan to divide your well-earned and precious time between starting your new business and your family. As you may have noticed so far, starting a family business isn’t a walk in the park but if done right it can be a great and profitable learning experience if you divide your time correctly. When deciding to start a new business, it is always a good idea to remember that this will be a full-time job, not a part time job. If you’re only willing to do this part time then odds are you probably won’t make it very far. However if you and your family work together and all put in the same amount of time you will be unstoppable!

Starting a Fruit Juice Business From Scratch

Starting a Fruit Juice Business From ScratchWhen you can’t think of a family business that you can start out of scratch, then you can try fruit juices. This business does not take a lot. You just need a high quality juicer, some fruits and cups, and then you’re good to go. You can find a lot of customers, since everyone loves healthy beverages. Besides, more people are becoming conscious now of their health. This means that your prospective buyers increase too.

What you need

With this business, you don’t even need your own place. You can just set up a small booth outside your house and a sign telling people you’re selling fruit juices. As soon as people come, the rest will be curious and will also give your product a try.

You also need to have the perfect juicer. This allows you to extract juices right to the end without wasting anything. You have to start to find the best juicers now. Better yet, you can check the best juicer to buy for commercial use. They are bigger and more expensive, but they are suitable for your business. Besides, these types of juicers are meant to last for a longer time.

Find suppliers for your fruits

Since you are still starting, you need to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of money. If possible, you have to find a fruit supplier that will sell to you fruits at a lower price. You can even travel to farms just to get fresh fruits at a lower cost. You also don’t have to offer a lot of fruits when you are starting. You can start with basic fruit juices that are popular. Once you have enough savings already, you can go for fancier options.

Low capital business

Since you can do this type of business at home, you no longer need to spend for rental expense. Furthermore, you can buy fruit juicers that are cheap so it does not really matter a lot. For fruits, you can look for cheap suppliers and start small. With a little over $400, you already have a business. When this continues to grow, then you can move on to bigger plans. You can start looking for a place when you can put up the business. You can head to malls or park and rent a space. You can also offer different gimmicks to make your potential customers more interested.

You also don’t need to hire staff when you are starting. Everyone in the family can help out in this business. In fact, one person is enough to stand at the shop. The rest can go around buying the supplies. The others can help dealing with the financial aspect of the business. If everyone in the family helps, it does not take long before this business expands.

When it does, then you can materialize all other plans you have in mind. Of course, you can hire staff to help you in your business. Again, you need to start from scratch up until the business grows.

A Guide To Small Business Health Insurance in 2015

This article was written with the assistance of Brandon Roerick of Hometown Benefits Group which is a high-level insurance broker. They specialize in Springfield, MO health insurance, and Missouri dental insurance and offered some great insight to the current health insurance landscape.

We’ve had to start looking at health insurance changes since the law is being implemented more so we thought it was a good idea to write something that could help others out as well.

As the price of group medical insurance rises, small businesses, start-ups, and tiny non-profit companies are having a progressively tough time supplying wellness insurance coverage to their valued workers.

Since supplying healthcare is a vital component of worker recruiting and retention, dropping health care perks altogether is simply not an option for most small employers.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), corporations with less than 50 permanent employees are not subject to the new law. Given that they are not called for to provide a group medical insurance plan, this gives tiny businesses, startups, as well as non-profits, much more health care perk alternatives than they formerly assumed feasible. You can check out medical insurance alternatives for small employers in 2015 here.

3 Key Options for Small Companies

Although there are various kinds of medical insurance plans out there, small companies essentially have 3 basic alternatives:

  1. Offering a traditional team wellness insurance policy strategy
  1. Offering workers a health care allocation to repay employees’ individual wellness insurance policy premiums (a “premium reimbursement strategy”).
  1. Not providing medical care advantages.

Team Medical Insurance

Team medical insurance plans are much more attractive to most individuals. With group wellness insurance coverage, the coverage is spread out over the company for the number of workers covered. That suggests that with a group health and wellness insurance coverage strategy, if one employee has a child, a surgical procedure, or is diagnosed with a persistent health problem, the employer, as well as the various other workers, are likely to see a large cost rate increase at yearly renewal time.

Some small company owners are considering acquiring their insurance coverage via the Small Company Health and Wellness Options Program (SHOP Marketplace). Part of the appeal is that the ACA gives tax credit histories to qualified small employers to assist paying for SHOP coverage; fortunately, qualification needs for the small employer medical insurance tax credits can be fairly rigid and structured.

The credit history is only available to companies with less than 25 permanent matching (FTE) employees that pay their staff members a typical wage of less than $50,000 each worker every year.

The ACA created the SHOP Marketplaces to give small companies more options for their medical care strategy. The rollout of the SHOP Industry, nonetheless, has faced its share of obstacles, changes, and delays. Therefore, the SHOP Market still isn’t really helping small companies.

Reimbursing Workers’ Individual Health and Wellness Insurance

A significant pattern this year amongst small employers is to scale down team wellness insurance and instead assist their staff members in paying for specific medical insurance policies. By changing their employees to the individual wellness insurance policy marketplace, the small companies are guaranteeing that their workers reach the protection that is ideal for their family members. Furthermore, by not offering a group medical insurance policy, the companies are seeing to it their staff members have access to exceptional tax credit histories to assist them with the price of their costs.

Not Providing Healthcare Advantages

Studies reveal that small companies are less likely to offer medical insurance to their staff members. In doing this, however, they are putting themselves at an extreme disadvantage for recruiting as well as retention purposes. Medical care benefits are a useful component of workers’ settlement packages.

You Owe it to Your Business to Stay in Great Shape

yogaI don’t get people, especially entrepreneurs, who don’t do regular exercise. I mean, if you’re sitting in an office and your productivity basically doesn’t make a difference to your pay, then fair enough. But pretty much everyone who’s an entrepreneur knows that the endorphins you get from regular exercise can help increase productivity drastically (here’s a study if you don’t believe it) – and if you’re in business for yourself, extra productivity usually = extra $$. And yet it still seems like there are so many businessmen and women out there who just don’t get regular exercise. I seriously just don’t get it.

So, me and my sis are pretty different in many ways, but we both agree that exercise is an essential part of being at the top of your game mentally, so we basically try to egg each other on to do more exercise – she actually calls me fat (I’m totally not by the way) just to motivate me – I guess it’s OK because we both know I’m not fat. But yea, that’s the kind of thing we do with each other to make sure we both get exercise in.

Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what exercise you do – it could be running, pilates, yoga, some of my friends are even doing this boxing thing which apparently is loads of fun. Basically two or three times a week, everybody just needs to get up off their butts, put on a pair of shorts, and just do something physical – and the boost you get from that in terms of happiness and productivity just makes up for all that ‘lost’ time and then some – and that doesn’t even take into account the obvious physical health benefits that regular exercise brings.

Basically, exercise is like a totally legal and totally free superdrug that you can take whenever you want with pretty much no negative consequences other than maybe the occasional sprain or something. Seriously – you can eat as healthy as you want, you can avoid alcohol and smoking and be gluten free and paleo and whatever, but add all that up, and compare it to a reasonably tough workout two or three times a week, and I’ll bet that the exercise actually has more of an effect than all the other stuff combined (here’s an article that goes over that stuff)

My sis and I (before we started our business) also had a lot of trouble keeping to a regular exercise schedule, and now that we’ve been able to keep it up for a while, here are some tips that we have that might help you keep to a regular schedule of exercise:

  • Go with a friend – I don’t normally exercise with my sister, but I do have one or two friends that I take classes or go to the gym or yoga with, and it really helps a lot. If you’ve arranged to meet your friend at yoga or something, you’re much less likely to skip the class and ditch them (unless you’re a bad friend) which basically means you have a much better chance of showing up and doing some exercise
  • Pick something fun – Everybody likes different kinds of exercise – my sister hates yoga, she thinks it’s way too static and boring, but I really love it. There are loads of cool classes and stuff that you can take if the treadmill or elliptical machine doesn’t do it for you – maybe try a dance class or some martial arts or something. Give a bunch of stuff a try – a lot of these places have trial classes available – and you’re bound to eventually find something that you find fun.
  • Block off your exercise days and don’t make other plans – basically, after a certain point, if you’re exercising regularly, it’ll turn into a habit and you won’t even think about it. But in order for it to turn into a habit, you probably have to go two or three months on a pretty consistent basis. Because of this, I’d say you should block off specific days of the week that you’re gonna dedicate to exercise, and try not to make plans or anything in that time so that you’re going consistently and your brain starts to associate Thursday  with yoga class or something.

Anyways, that’s my rant about exercise – I feel like for entrepreneurs especially, who need to stay productive and also have more control over their own schedules – they really owe it to themselves to exercise consistently. That’s all from me today I guess.

Being Business Partners with your Sister is the Best and the Worst



Seriously. My take on being business partners with my sis is that it’s both totally the best and absolutely the worst thing you can do. So I’m gonna ramble on about how I feel about working with her, and what I think of the idea of a ‘family business’ in general (although I guess our business isn’t really a family business the way you’d imagine).

Inc article about how to avoid conflicts of interest and drama.

Here’s one from basically saying it’s a bad idea (uh oh)

First and foremost, the great thing about doing biz with my sis is that I totally, completely trust her. I never have to worry about her doing something to take advantage of me, or embezzling money or anything crazy like that – I know at the end of the day, she’ll have my back, and I think that level of comfort is pretty difficult to reach even if you’ve been in business with the same partner for 20 years or whatever. I mean, I know many siblings who just aren’t that close, and most brother/sister pairs probably wouldn’t be able to say that about their siblings, but for me and Lisa, we’re super close and we’d never intentionally try to hurt each other – especially not for $$$.

Another great thing about having my sis as my partner is that when stuff is going well, it’s just so great. We can share in the joy of doing well – it’s not like at the end of the day, work is over so we each go home to our respective lives. Clearly, that kind of relationship with colleagues/business partners is really common, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but one of the real perks of working with a family member everyday is that you really share in the joys together – and when I see that my big sis is happy, I get happier as well – it’s like a big old circle of happiness.

On the other hand, the flip side of sharing joy is that when things are going badly, well, we fight – and it can get pretty nasty. I think there’s something about family where a lot of the time you know that they’ll eventually forgive you, and that almost gives you license to say really mean things to them? I don’t know. Anyways, business is tough and we have a disagreement or argument, it can devolve pretty quickly into a really negative situation. I think I’m probably more emotional than her, so it’s likely more my fault, and that’s really something I have to keep in mind after a rough day/week/month.

The other issue with working with your sister is that stuff outside can sometimes affect the work. I mean, I think we’ve both improved on this a lot, but at the start when we would be fighting about something outside of work, that would spill over into working hours and we’d just not talk at all and be really frosty towards each other, and basically it was bad for us and bad for the business. I think this is something to really keep in the back of your mind if you’re planning to do business with family or friends – when you argue, it will impact your business unless all of you are like on the spectrum or something. It really takes some time and practice to get used to the idea that family drama needs to stay out of the workspace, and if you can’t get to that point then maybe it’s best you don’t pursue the business with family/friends path.

Anyways, that’s basically all I wanted to blog about today, hope you gleaned some useful info from it, and if you did, stay tuned because there’s way more coming your way =). I’m also gonna include a few great links that I found about the subject – I found them super interesting, maybe you will too!


Sister Stuff & Entrepreneurship

you go girl

Hey guys and gals.

This is our brand new blog about sisterhood, entrepreneurship, and pretty much whatever we feel like talking about. We’re a pair of sisters who’re super close, but unlike most sisters we also work together, so this will be our judgment free blog/confession space/mediation zone where everything and anything is up for discussion. For obvious reasons we won’t go into specifics about what our business is – we don’t want all our customers and suppliers and stuff to know everything that goes on behind the scenes =p. Our goal with this blog is to use it as a private (but actually public) place where we’ll hash out all of the challenges we face dealing with business, family drama, and, well, dealing with each other.

You might be thinking “why would they want to air all their dirty laundry out for the entire internet to see?” – and honestly, we don’t really want to do that. We talked about it for the longest time before we decided to put up this blog. In the end, we thought that it was a pretty cool idea- mainly because as far as we saw, there weren’t any other similar blogs or websites on the web that deal with siblings/family members/really close friends being in business together and the fights, arguments, and general silly drama that often happens in these situations. Our hope is that this blog eventually develops into such a resource – and that by keeping it open and brutally honest, we can attract readers who’re maybe in similar circumstances as we’re in. I guess what we’re trying to say is, maybe other people will be able to learn something by seeing/reading our dirty laundry!

So, a little about the two of us. You can probably guess our names based on our site name, so we won’t go over that again. We’re 5 years apart, and one of us is a relatively new mom and the other is single. We’re pretty different personality wise (this seems to be really common for sisters) – one of us is really outgoing, pretty creative, and always late to everything. The other one is kind of more reliable, more of a straightforward thinker rather than a creative mind, and, well, has more responsibilities in general. Think Emily Deschanel in Bones and Zooey in New Girl. That’s the kind of dynamic between us, just not that extreme (it is TV after all).

We’re basically in the fashion business in some capacity, and we won’t give out too many details about that – but basically, don’t be surprised if we blog about the fashion industry as that’s one of our common interests (although our tastes are COMPLETELY different). We’re not designers or anything glam like that, and we’re not famous or anything, so don’t bother trying to pry =p.

Anyways, look out for either one of us to write about pretty much anything that we want to – but in general you can probably expect a lot of stuff about fashion, self help  personal development stuff (one of us is really into it – guess which one), business and entrepreneurship,  and family drama. We also both love coffee, so you might also come across the occasional random picture of a cup of coffee with no explanation =p.