So, welcome to our blog. We are two sisters who are also entrepreneurs/business gals who’re partnered with each other, and this is basically a blog we’re we’ll document everything that’s important to us – whether it’s about stuff we like, about our business disagreements, or just silly rants at 3.00am in the morning where we complain and moan about each other.

Being in business is tough, and while working with family can lead to a lot of strength, it also often involves a lot of drama and can be a weakness if you deal with it wrong. This blog is supposed to act as a mixture of stress relief, family therapy, and business blog – weird combination huh? We also hope that eventually it will become a reasonably honest account of how we’re doing business-wise as well as how we’re doing in terms of our relationship as sisters – and maybe (hopefully) it’ll also be a really useful resource for anybody else who’s planning to go into business with family or friends.

We drive each other crazy a lot of the time (as most sisters do), but we also work well together and we have complementary strengths – that’s one of the reasons why we decided to be partners. Also, we have complete trust and faith in each other – even if one or both of us make mistakes, we know that we’d never ever do anything intentionally to hurt or harm each other – and that kind of trust is really hard to find with pretty much anybody else that you might do business with.

So, that’s a little about us, and we hope you enjoy reading the blog – it’ll probably be a bit all-over-the-place, but hopefully you find some of the stuff useful, or at the very least you find our drama entertaining =p.

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