Hi there! So Lisa and I recently got into an argument about guerilla marketing techniques. If you haven’t heard, guerilla marketing is the same as marketing just with a small budget. So you essentially try to maximize every dollar you spend by being more creative and doing it yourself. Think: standing on the street in a funny costume yelling out your product name. That sort of thing. I’m the creative one so I quickly enjoy the thought of this tactic but Lisa thinks it is useless because there is no way to measure the upside. So instead of just sitting around arguing we started to brainstorm ideas and these were the 6 best, and the ones that we have confidence we can pull off. All for less than a few $100.

1) Reverse Graffiti With a Power Washer

We’ve recently seen tons of popular pressure washing photos make the rounds on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Buzzfeed. By far the most popular ones are the reverse graffiti ones. Reverse graffiti is done with a small electric pressure cleaner and stencil. You place the stencil on the ground and use the pressure washer to clean the area of the stencil so that when you remove the stencil you have drawn something on the surface. It is called reverse graffiti because you have cleaned the surface instead of defaced it like you would have with spraypaint. So the idea is you promote your product by drawing your brand name and website on the concrete in a popular area. Then take a photo of it and share it online. That’s it.

2) Be Newsworthy By Creating Controversy

Controversy makes the news. But we’re not talking about bad press, we’re talking about having an unpopular opinion. An example for us in the world of fashion would be to take a current news topic like maybe something to do with politics or environmental pollution or green energy – something that the masses know about – and make a t-shirt that says something about it.

3) Throw an Event or Party at a Busy Park

We love this idea because you are associating your brand with an atmosphere everyone loves – the park. In our area at least there are parks that have barbeques that anyone can use anytime. So our idea was to head to the park with a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers and set up a little booth that gives away free burgers and stuff during peak park hours. Set Up a bunch of signs of your brand and your brand’s Facebook and encourage people to share where they are on their Facebook to their friends. This is guaranteed to create some buzz around your Facebook page.

4) Go To a Busy Street and Sell The Old Fashioned Way

There’s this guy in New York that sits on the street corner every day and sells a peeler for $5. He makes $350 a day and has been for many many years. How does he do it? He is entertaining. Here is a video of him doing it. So for your product go and set up a booth and create a script that you can talk to while there. You’ll need to be entertaining. But for the most part just talk to people about your product and how it will make their life better and then ask them to buy.

5) Be Sure To Take Advantage of YouTube

Youtube is the third most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook. Ignoring it would be a huge mistake. These days you can make videos on your phone so easily there is really no excuse. Just make a clever video and upload it then promote what you uploaded. Also take video of you doing the above marketing ideas and then upload that. Remember you want to make the news and the easiest way is to show the news that people are already interested in you. A video is probably the easy way to do that.

6) Collaborate With People That Are Already Internet Famous

Internet famous just means has a following. Talk to other bloggers in your area with some Twitter followers and a blog following. Then help them do stuff. Write a guest post for their blog. Create an infographic for their website. That sort of thing. Everyone loves to be helped. Do that and they will write about you and share it with their following.